We're Ryland & JP!

and we can't wait to capture your legacy


We're Ryland & JP!

and we can't wait to capture your legacy


from our hearts to yours

(Don't forget Kerr & Scout!)


from our hearts to yours

(Don't forget Kerr & Scout!)

The two of us have had many adventures in our short lives, but none has compared to the adventure of marriage. (Marriage is incredible, y’all!)

Our deep love for our marriage is why we love spending as much time together as possible every day (working together!) and helping establish your marriage legacy through our wedding experience with you!

Our (short) story

Ryland is an engineer by education but an artist at heart. (Thank goodness that someone knows how to work the external flash!) His engineering mind loves systems & operations, but his real love is for capturing authentic moments that are true to the way we remember them. 

JP is the one you will work with the most leading up to your wedding day. It was actually her crazy idea to start us on this wild entrepreneurial adventure! She is the dreamer, writer, & manager of our business. She has the biggest heart for all that is good, true, & beautiful & loves to celebrate that on your wedding day!

Scout is still "baby #1".  Scout came home with us as a puppy the same day we bought our home & has been the best dog in the world (we can totally claim that)! His favorite things are sitting on the porch, chasing his tennis ball, & walks around downtown Greenville, so that he can check on all his "sniffing checkpoints". 

Kerr (pronounced "car") is our newest little gift from above. He was born in 2018 & while we were afraid of how much change would come with a baby, he has been worth every sacrifice. He’s a tiny giggle box, loves being outside, & brings us so much joy! We love sharing our passions with others, & now we get to share them with our boy!





We met during college in Chattanooga, TN, in 2007. We met the first day we were both on campus and quickly became dear friends. After three years of investing in our sincere friendship we finally started dating and became best friends! 5 years later we were married where our friendship first began – atop Lookout Mountain! 

College sweethearts

After our first year of marriage we moved to Greenville, SC – a new but familiar city. The new place inspired new dreams and our photography business began. We had cherished a love for photography for many years, but we finally had space for our dreams to grow! 

Greenville & business

Shortly after moving to Greenville we really committed! We got a dog and house on the same day y’all! (#adulting) Scout was the “quintessential American puppy” as one of our friends laughed. He was our first baby & made our hearts a little bit bigger! Now we had another little bud to share our daily adventures with.


Over the next few years our marriage continued to deepen its roots. We had so many beautiful adventures y’all! The wildness of Kenya was addicting. New Years in front of Buckingham Palace was freezing! Thailand was entirely new. The timeless grandeur of Yosemite and Yellowstone is unforgettable! We had to get out there! Adventure is waiting!

Adventure of growth

In 2018 we embarked on a new adventure of growth – growing our family. Kerr was given to us with the New Year. We used to measure our growth by the highlights, but now we increasingly see that our marriage has grown the most through the rhythm of daily family life. Several years ago a wise friend asked us, “WHO do you want to be when you grow up?” We want our legacy to be that we were faithful, sincere, and godly partners, parents, and friends!

New adventures: Family

At first we wanted to photograph anything except weddings. We thought that the length, fast pace & directing would be too overwhelming! But we tried our first one & loved it. We asked each other why we had loved it so much & quickly realized - it’s because we so sincerely love marriage! 

If there is anything the world needs more of, that’s healthy families, which start with healthy marriages. Our goal is to create a witness to your marriage covenant which will last a lifetime, firmly establishing the lifelong legacy you’ve just begun!

Through many "high councils" over coffee, dark chocolate, and spilled ink we finally decided that photography was too personally meaningful to simply be a hobby. We concluded that we are driven as photographers by three essential beliefs: 

1) Real life is lived out in the mundane. Our lives are full, not perfect. 
2) Life is too full for our memories to do it justice. Therefore, memories must be captured.
3) Memories are vital because they serve as reminders - milestones in our lives.

Our hearts

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