Private Before Public|Black Lives Matter

Dear friends, 

We’ve taken the last few weeks off of social media to step away from our public community to focus on our private one.  We really struggled with how to participate in this moment of light being shed on the Black community’s oppression. 

Should we go to the protests?  Should we stay home?  Should we use our voice on social media?  There was SO much to do that we felt paralyzed at first – then we had some clarity:

1. We should always be quick to apologize & seek forgiveness.  We may not feel like we actively participate in oppression, but we are ignorantly complicit in this broken system. 

2. Lasting societal & personal reconciliation starts with relationships.  Yes, our systems are SO broken & lead to cycles of oppression & marginalization, but to AFFECT TRULY lasting & meaningful change we must grow to know, love & advocate for one another through relationships.

3. We should never hesitate to speak truth in love.  The truth is that this entire world is broken!  The true root of the problem isn’t lurking out there somewhere in “those people” or “that system”.  The real problem is right here, in MY HEART.  Our idols of comfort & success have made us blind to the white privilege we enjoy & ignorant to the pain & injustice of our black neighbors. 

4. The system is so broken that it feels hopelessly overwhelming.  And while comfort, greed & power reign in our government & society there is no hope for true change!  But Jesus didn’t first come to change the government, he came to change our hearts – the real problem.  So we DO have hope in personal & eternal heart change, reconciliation & freedom from oppression, through Jesus. 

This clarity drew us to a single conclusion: how can we pursue change publicly if we don’t first pursue it personally & privately?

So we first prayed for heart change & focused on our wonderful & diverse neighbors – apologized for our ignorance & complicity, & told them how much we love & appreciate them. 

This is the example Jesus showed us.  He walked with people, saw them, touched them, was oppressed like them, loved them & changed their hearts forever.  It’s in this love that we have hope.

As the ancient prayer goes “forgive us for what we have done, & left UNDONE.”

May the Lord bless this movement – BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Love, The Rainsfords

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