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Daddy-daughter first look

A lot of brides are concerned with whether or not they want a first look with their groom, but a first look that is often overlooked on the wedding day is the one with your daddy. There is something incredible about a father-daughter relationship & it should be especially honored on your wedding day, the day he gives his baby girl away!

daddy daughter first look

Having a first look with your dad is special for a few reasons:

1. First, it allows you to have a quiet moment with the first man who loved you!! After all, he is the one who rocked you to sleep, showed you how to ride a bike, & was always there for you when you needed a pick-me-up. He’s your “dear old dad” – the goofy man that raised you & taught you everything!

2. Most dads feel like the wedding day is a mad dash to the finish line. Here’s the reality: Mamas are a mess of tears & it’s all dads can do to walk their daughter down the aisle. Often, this is the first time the daddy sees his daughter. But having a first look with your dad allows for you two to soak in the moment & truly see one another before the big moment!

3. Dads love gifts. They just do! They have been spoiling their daughters since day one & more often than not, the daddy has something special for his little girl. Give him time to share something meaningful with you. Carving out this time for your daddy on your wedding day will shout that you love him!

daddy daughter first look

While writing this post, all I could think about is the iconic dad scene with Hallie & her daddy from Parent Trap! Anyone else? If this doesn’t cue the water works & convince you that a Father-Daughter first look is so sweet, nothing will : )

Love, The Rainsfords

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