Welcome, Rosie Chickering Rainsford!

Rosie Chickering Rainsford
Born March 4, 2020
9 pounds, 7 ounces
21.25 inches

First, writing this post was incredibly humbling. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we HAVE SO MUCH to be grateful for- our health, home & a community cheering us on – especially during these hard times! Thank you for rejoicing with our family & continuing to check in with us. We love each of you!!


March 3, 2020 : I started my labor with Rosie at the MD360 while getting tested for strep & the flu. I have NEVER felt more miserable as I felt that morning sitting in the waiting room with my face mask pulled tight over my ears.

When both tests came back negative, the doctor told me & I quote, “We are diagnosing you as a VERY pregnant lady with a VERY bad cold. Go home & sleep!” I was relieved but SO tired.

As soon as I left, things began to pick up – the pain increased & I began to weep. “Lord – I do not have energy to bring a baby into the world THIS SICK! How on earth are you calling me to this impossible task?” I prayed that the contractions would slow down & that I would have ONE more night of sleep in my bed.

As soon I got Kerr in his crib that afternoon, there was no turning back. I laid down on the couch officially starting to count the minutes between each contraction & how long each one lasted. By 4:00 pm – I was in full blown labor.

But I hung on.

I had this weird conviction inside of me – I wanted to get through the afternoon & evening with Kerr one last time before this baby came. My goal was to tuck him in that night before heading to the hospital

The hours blur together – but somehow, we were able to get Kerr in bed at 7:00, have our neighbor come down to our house to take our place & drive to the hospital. By 7:30, we were in triage. I was in so much pain & felt so tired, I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to push when I needed to.

I heard the door open & a familiar voice came into the room. “Hi, Rainsfords! I am Gabrielle – I was your labor & delivery nurse for Kerr!” I couldn’t believe it!! I looked over to see Gabrielle smiling & I KNEW – I could do this!! I wept crocodile tears – HE cares – HE sent me help!!

By 8:30, I had my epidural & for the first time in hours, I felt somewhat human. I was still sick but READY for this baby – ready or not, here he / she comes!!

At long last, it was time to meet our Little One. It took hardly any time at all before Rosie, in all her glory, appeared at 3:15 am & the whole room gasped – “THAT’S ONE BIG BABY!!” She was so big in fact, that her shoulders got stuck & the doctors had to do a quick maneuver – please don’t ask me what it was – I was so fixed on getting that BIG baby into the world!!

I waited … Ryland caught Rosie & with one LOUD holler screamed, “It’s a GIRL; it’s our Rosie!!” I will NEVER forget the expression on his face – joy & shock all wrapped up in one sweet smile!

Oh sweet relief. I could FINALLY breathe in what felt like MONTHS!! Then it hit me – WHAT?! A girl!! I swore up & down this baby was a BOY!! So many emotions – joy, relief, exhaustion – all hit me at once. All I remember was laying there with so much adrenaline coursing through my body – I felt I would never recover from all the beauty & joy I saw right before my eyes.

We had the sweetest “Magic Hour” with Rosie – how I long to go back to those quiet minutes of just looking at her – freshly born. I will never forget how the Lord moved mountains to get her here when I felt like I had nothing left!

There so much more I could write – but here is what I want to end with – He orchestrated it all perfectly. As hard as it was, I wouldn’t change any part of Rosie’s story! I never want to forget how the Lord used Rosie to refine me when I felt that I couldn’t go on. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!

All my love, JP

ALL photos by the lovely, wonderful & dear friend – Anna Duncan

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