Should I Hire A Wedding Coordinator? | How To Plan Your Wedding Day


Our short answer? YES – 100%.


But let me tell you why!!

Your wedding day is a celebration of your marriage!! It’s worthy of being set apart & for that reason – you want to BE FULLY PRESENT!! Moreover, your family members who LOVE YOU should be fully present, celebrating & cherishing every moment along the way.

What happens when you HIRE a coordinator?

1 . Your day will run on time:

We can’t tell you the amount of wedding days where WE are making sure your wedding day is running on time. The coordinators job is to make sure that all of your vendors are in place so that everything can go off without a hitch. When you don’t have someone in charge – this either falls on you, your mother, or US!! Usually this means that one of us drops off of being able to take photos & we are running to make sure the florist is on her way, the cake is being set up, & parents are in place. You hired your vendors to DO what they DO best!! For us, that’s taking photographs. By not hiring a coordinator, you are asking your vendors to fill in all of those cracks inevitably stripping us of the intended purpose of why we came!! So please do yourself a huge service, respect your vendors & hire a day-of coordinator!

2. Your family can be fully present with you:

SO many mothers don’t get to fully enjoy their daughter’s wedding day because they are putting the final touches on the reception decor or making sure that the florist is on time. PLEASE don’t do that to your mama!! Free her to spend that morning with you – watching you get your hair done, helping you zip up your dress & being fully present with your friends & family.

3. Your vendors won’t be asking YOU what they should do:

We have seen many brides get frustrated & overwhelemed because there wasn’t a point person. Instead all the questions come directly to HER instead of to a coordinator! Please don’t let this happen to you. We want you to FULLY enjoy your wedding day & not to worry about the cake, flowers, family members, or other details that you have worked SO hard planning! Hire someone (even just for the day) that can be your buffer in these hard moments. We promise you it will be worth EVERY penny 🙂


Go get ’em – your wedding day is going to be GREAT!! In the end, remember what this is – it’s a fantastic celebration of your love and the beginning of your legacy as a new creation! So go crazy! Have a blast & make sure you’re able to remember this milestone for the rest of your lives!

Love, The Rainsfords

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Happy wedding planning! Let’s do this!

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