What to Look For In A Venue | Tips For Planning Your Wedding Day

Hooray!! You are engaged & looking for the PERFECT spot to get hitched. 🙂 It’s super exciting, but my goodness!! There are SO many choices & decisions to make. How on earth do you choose a venue that will fit all of your needs? Here are a few things we recommend you look into before booking the spot where you will say, “I DO!”

Is there a Coordinator?

Ask if they have someone on staff that helps with coordinating or if they have a preferred coordinator they frequently work with. Lots of venues come with a day-of-coordinator (which we HIGHLY recommend). This eliminates the need to hire another day of coordinator, & can often save you money since it usually comes in their package!

Will it fit all of my guests?

Remember, you have family & friends from near & far that are coming to celebrate YOU & your soon-to-be spouse. You want them to be as comfortable as possible! Ask your venue guide what the max number of guests can be & what they suggest for size of your bridal party who will be standing up with you as you say, “YES!” to all of your vows. This will give you an idea of how BIG of a party you can throw & how to set up your reception flow.

Do they have a preferred caterer?

It’s a small question, but can really affect the COST of your reception & the overall feel/mood for your guests! We can’t tell you the number of brides who booked a venue without realizing that the venue itself had a contract with a caterer. This boxed them in & they were not able to serve their guests that they had always wanted! If you want food trucks, make sure there are spots for them to park & serve. If you want to bring in a local restaurant, make sure your venue has kitchen space for them to set up & serve.

Are there plenty of options for photography?

When you show up to tour a venue, imagine where all of your photos will take place & if it fits the “style” you want for your wedding day! Great photographers can work with almost any situation, but it’s SO wonderful to have a variety of spots available for us to use! Ask your tour guide if anything is off limits or if you can use the whole property for photos. If there are any restraints, this makes it tricky for us as we do our best to give you a gallery that has variety & creativity! Remember, photos will last your WHOLE lifetime – the cake will be eaten & your dress will get dirty. But the place you choose to have your photographs taken in will always be present as you look back on your wedding album!!

What is the rain plan?

Again, such a SMALL question – but you NEVER know!! Make sure that your venue has a rain option that you LOVE JUST AS MUCH as your first plan in case of rain. This will eliminate LOTS of stress for you & your fiance as you plan the flow of your day, & will be a gift to all of your vendors. Letting them know that there is a solid back up plan gives them the opportunity to be creative & not stress about the weather!

Go get em – your wedding day is going to be GREAT!! In the end, remember what this is – a fantastic celebration of your love & the beginning of your legacy as a new creation! So go crazy! Have a blast & make sure you’re able to remember this milestone for the rest of your lives!

Love, The Rainsfords

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