What To Look For In A Bridal Suite | How To Plan Your Wedding Day

what to look for in a bridal suite

HOORAY!! It’s the morning of your wedding & your girls are all around you, cheering you on & getting ready. We start our day with you here by photographing details. It’s one of our favorite parts of the day because we get to see you before you get dressed & the day is officially off to the races! We also get to meet all of your girls – your best friends!

All too often, we get asked – “Do you have any tips on where I should get ready?” Oh yes – SO glad you asked 🙂 Here are a few things we highly recommend you think about when you pick your getting ready spot!

Find a place that has plenty of space for you & your girls / vendors:

This is especially important when you have a larger bridal party! The more girls, the more spots you will need to each person to get ready, do their hair, etc. If you hire out hair & make-up, they will need a place to set up their chairs & stations. So think through the space & how well it will fit your sweet girls!

Make sure bathrooms are easily accessible

There is nothing worse than having to run down the hall or go somewhere different to use the restroom multiple times the morning of your wedding. You will want a bathroom to use for changing & before you put on your dress! Make sure it’s close & that you can use it whenever you want. 🙂

Keep it private!

Make sure the spot where you are getting ready is away from guests! We have all too often seen guests or family members (who are not invited by the bride to be a part of the “getting ready time”, stumble in & take up space & time from the bride’s morning. It’s not rude to make sure you have that morning set aside just for you & your girls! After all, this is some of the last time you will all have together before you are a married woman!!

BONUS : Light is a GIFT!!

It’s not an absolute, but finding a spot that has lots of windows & natural light will make your “getting ready” photos very natural looking! Dark hotel rooms & Sunday school classrooms aren’t the best since they are smaller & there is not as much light. When you choose your spot, look to see if there are windows so that we can use your whole space to show off you & your lovely ladies!

Go get ’em – your wedding day is going to be GREAT!! In the end, remember what this is – it’s a fantastic celebration of your love and the beginning of your legacy as a new creation! So go crazy! Have a blast & make sure you’re able to remember this milestone for the rest of your lives!

Love, The Rainsfords

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Happy wedding planning! Let’s do this!

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