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Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer Education

Two weeks ago we welcomed a group of small business owners into our home & it was truly a DREAM of ours come true! Education has been valuable for us ever since starting our own business in 2014. But a lot of our growing has been together or in online courses! We longed to teach & learn alongside others who shared similar passions with us.


The “Structure Creates Freedom” workshop was born when another husband & wife team came to us asking questions about how we continued to grow even though our business was in our home mixed with our family! As we shared our structure & what we learned, they immediately chimed in, “You need to teach this!! It’s SUPER valuable. We are some of your closest friends & had no idea to the extent that you were so purposeful with your business & family!”

Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer Education
Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer Education

As we stepped back, we soon realized that our content was not just for husband & wife teams or parents – it was for EVERYONE who owns a business. The value of learning how to draw boundaries, set goals & grow as a person are all skills that take practice & structure!

It was there that the “Structure Creates Freedom” workshop was born!!

What Did We Do?

We DUG DEEP!! Creating structure for your business is SO much more than checking off a to-do list. We dove straight into knowing yourself so you can do your BEST work. Without this self-knowledge, you will not get very far! Then lots of discussion on our passions & what we enjoy doing in our business.

From there, we took our goals & refined them – a blog post coming on that soon!! Once our goals were defined for 2020, we spent time understanding the processes & systems that come with meeting goals. All too often, we dive into a goal of ours without checks & balances – this was the part of the workshop that required the most analytical thinking!

The afternoon was filled with discussing “The Grind” – because we all know that goal setting is important, but how do we “get ahead” while keeping up with our normal routine? So many insights here as we clarified together how & when we do our best work, how to plan social media effectively, & keep on top of our emails!

Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer Education

What Did Our Attendees Think About the Workshop?

We are so glad you asked!! Here is what a few of our attendees had to say about their experience from our workshop :

The Rainsford Photography Structure Workshop was incredibly beneficial & encouraging to both my husband & I. It gave us new ideas, insight, wisdom & guidance that we have both loved applying to our businesses already! We were given easy-to-apply steps to take to begin creating structure in our small businesses.

Running a business is no simple task & it is important to have people in your corner to support & help you along the way. The Rainsford’s are genuine & real in what they teach & give advice on. They share struggles & victories & have a true desire to come alongside you in yours! I can’t say enough about this fabulous husband & wife duo.

The workshop was exactly what I needed. I am a big fan of not recreating the wheel, and I had gotten to a point in my business where I needed to learn from other creatives with experience instead of trying to figure all out on my own. Thanks so much for all you shared! It really was a great workshop!

Its been a little over a week and I have already crushed so many goals as well as felt more focused in my day to day rhythms. I don’t have to “guess” if I am meeting goals. Now I KNOW I am!!

I have attended a lot of workshops and conferences over the past 7 years. I can honestly say that I walked away feeling like every topic was covered well and with just enough information to help me move forward in a productive way. I think one of the reasons I felt this way was because I was prepared coming into the workshop. Your pre-survey prompted a good bit of thinking on my end!

Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer Education
Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer Education

Will You Host This Workshop Again?

YES!! We can’t say for SURE if we will be able to host this workshop in person again in 2020, but we hope to schedule it again for 2021. But since this was such a popular topic & LOADS of people have asked to learn about this content that DON’T live in Greenville, SC – we have decided to make this an online course complete with accountability & a power hour where you will “meet” with us to delve deeper into your goals & structure for your business. SO be on the lookout for that coming in the VERY NEAR future!!

Such a joy & honor to be on this journey! Thanks for following along, dear friends!!

xo, The Rainsfords

Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer Education
Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer Education
ALL photos by Melissa Stuckey Photography. Thank you dear friend for capturing our workshop so well!! We are VERY thankful for you. xo, Ryland & JP

  1. Susan Rainsford says:

    Sounds so RIGHT! Attender’s comments spoke into my life, “…not recreating the wheel….learn from other[s]…with experience instead of trying to figure it all out on my own.” This applys to so many areas of my life. Openess to learn from others takes humility. Humility toward other people, staying teachable-NOT pride–leads to sucess in living. Well, well done JP & Ry!!

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