Before We Knew About You|Rainsford Sabbatical 2019

We hear things like this said all the time, “He knows what we need before we even know what to ask!” But rarely do I trust that this is true. 

In the Spring as our calendar was coming together, we looked ahead & saw that we had 10 weekends in a row of shooting weddings – almost 3 full months of back to back weekends with no breaks. It dawned on us then – we would have to put the brakes on & slow down! But truth be told, we were scared! What would this look like to put the words “OFF” on our calendar? What would a season of NO weddings look like?

We came to the end of June – thankful to all of our clients & with full hearts! But we were WIPED! We looked forward to a season of rest – but didn’t quite know what it would look like … 

We set out to fill our “extra” time with reading books, hosting lots of friends, day trips to the lake & parks. And it was in this transition that Ryland made another one! Instead of working 4 days at Michelin, he dropped down to 3. This meant more margin for us as a family, longer weekends & more intentional office hours for our company.

Reading with papa! One of Kerr’s favorite pastimes …

Our first weekend off from weddings was July 4 weekend. Ryland woke up that weekend with a small stomach bug, then I came down with it! BUT – Ryland’s went away in 24 hours & mine didn’t. We were puzzled. It’s not like us to get sick – let alone for days on end! 

We decided to go on a walk as a family & it was on the way into Falls Park that I looked at Ryland & said, “I have felt this kind of sick before. When did I have this sickness? I can’t place it!! It’s unique but so familiar.”

I stopped right there. Holy moly. I knew. I was pregnant.

I didn’t even have to take a test to know – there was a baby making me sick! 

A few days after the dust had settled, we could take a picture as a family of 4!
Kerr 18 months

Later that week – I had to hand the reins of our business over to Ryland because I was so sick that I could barely make it through a few hours at a time before I had to lie down. It was then that we knew – our time off was A GIFT from the Lord!! We didn’t know it all the way back in the early Spring, but the Lord had given us this intentional time to REST because He knew I would need it! 

Then followed the long hot days of July & August. Thankfully we had no where to be because – bless – we wouldn’t have made it! Our weekends were simple: lots of down time, leisure time with Kerr & friends & family. We spent lots of time off of social media (something I will write on soon!) & gained new perspective on how to balance our business & family!

When we look back on this season – it’s with GREAT thankfulness! The Lord sustains us & grants us what we need – EVEN BEFORE we know what to ask for!! 

Thank you for all of your love & kind words about Baby #2. We are excited for this new chapter in our family & so happy to share with you our newest little blessing! 


The Rainsfords

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  1. Miller says:

    Thank you for sharing this sweet story! So looking forward to meeting Baby Rainsford!

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