How a Roll of Paper Changed Our Business

How A Roll Of Paper Changed our business

We have BIG dreams – some of them TOO big to process all at once! The dream to host & teach a workshop came to us over a year ago – but we didn’t want it to be any ordinary workshop. We had big plans to foster community & CONFIDENCE! But first, we needed to get all of our ideas in one place.

We both work differently. Ryland is a “systems & processes” person. JP is a “see it in color, shape, size – paint it & scribble it out” type person. We needed a spot that both of those things could happen simultaneously. 

We started by using a white board in our office. But the problem with that? We use it for our weekly meetings & projects for the quarter. So it kept getting erased & our ideas didn’t get to keep “living & evolving”.

What we needed was a space that both of us could work & then come back to the words & thoughts we had! Enter in – our new favorite business tool – a LARGE ROLL OF PAPER!! 

Yes – call us old fashioned, but this roll of white paper changed our business. It’s one giant scroll all preserved & neatly tucked away for us to pull out & use as a brain dumping station whenever we needed it. We wrote our entire workshop out on that roll of paper! And THERE our dreams became a reality!! 

Sometimes, stepping away from a computer or screen is just what you need to make your ideas come to life! Best believe it – we are on to our next dream & it’s already scribbled away on our large roll of paper. What is it you ask? Ohhh friends. We can hardly wait to share 🙂 

Thanks for all of your love & support. We are thankful for a place to dream & let our creativity flow.

All our love, the Rainsfords

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