Hitting the “Refresh” Button

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We have dreamed about a season like this for years! A season of rest & renewal. 

It’s easy to get stuck in the grind & never have a moment to breathe. We are ALWAYS on the next project or wedding day!! This time last year, we talked with a fellow business owner who wisely told us: “You need to decide when enough is ENOUGH for your business. No one else can say ‘no’ except you! Remember, at the end of the day, if you can’t be filled up to give to others, your business will DRY up & you will be left as a shell of a person. That is NO way to live!”

This was a wake-up moment for us. Up until now, we have said YES to everything. More than anything, we were afraid to miss an opportunity. That’s super humbling to write out. But it’s the truth!

But as our business grew, we realized – WE are the most important part of our business. If we don’t get a break – WE will break!!

So here we are! For the next 11 weeks, we are wedding free & so thankful to take a step back & breathe. It’s our little family respite & we couldn’t be more thankful. We have decided that our word to focus on for the next 11 weeks is “Refresh” & here is what we want this “refreshment” to look like: 

1. Reading: books on business, fiction, & non-fiction

2. Lots of outside time with Kerr including day trips to the lake & hiking as a family

3. Extra fellowship with friends & family

4. Catching up on a few neglected house projects 

5. Strengthening our systems & processes so our fall runs smoothly

6. Working on & releasing one VERY exciting but secret project in August. (Stay tuned!!)

We are so thankful to you – our friends & family – who cheer us on & give us lots of grace as we are learning how to grow & flourish as we build a business & family. The juggle is NOT easy. It’s by the Lord’s grace we are here!! We are thankful for each of you! 

Love, The Rainsfords

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