Greenville, SC Proposal | The Venue At Falls Park | Josh & Allison

Josh had been planning to ask Allison to be his wife for months! All he was waiting for was the right opportunity for a beautiful spot & for Allison’s family to make it over from France. 

Josh & Allison met at a mutual friend’s party last year & hit it off immediately! The following day, Josh asked Allison on a date – from there, the rest fell into place. These two have the most joyful relationship we have ever seen. Ryland put it well one day, “You are each better with each other – Allison makes Josh a better Josh & Josh makes Allison a better Allison! One is not complete without the other.”

We went on our first double date with these two last fall! A shared pot of fondue & lots of puppy snuggles later & we knew – these two will be in our lives for a long time! We eagerly waited for Josh to pop the question to Allison – “Don’t wait too long, friend!” JP told Josh one night. “I would DIE if Allison grew weary & lost hope!” Well, little did JP know, but Allison was in for the long haul – no matter how long it took for Josh to plan the most magical evening for his love!

Josh put together the sweetest proposal at The Venue at Falls Park this past February. Allison was unsuspecting until her roommate casually said, “Are you sure you don’t want to wear a pair of fancier shoes this evening?” Allison smiled, could this be it?

We hid out, Kerr wrapped up on JP’s chest – sleeping deeply! (whew) The gate to the Avenue was open & Josh inqured, “What’s going on in here tonight? Let’s check it out! Hey, isn’t this the place we had our first date?” The next few minutes unfolded as Josh dropped to one knee & asked Allison to be his wife! Cheers, applause, lots of laughter – it was most momentous moment! 

Congrats Josh & Allison! We CANNOT wait to celebrate with you two this weekend! We love you both & look forward to many years of love & laughter with you two! 

Love, The Rainsfords

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