Baby’s First Snow

Everyone loves a good snow day! They’re so magical!  All bets are off & you’re suddenly snuggled in with friends & family. For us, the snow has an extra touch of magic to it. It seems that some of our most meaningful memories have happened in snow storms:

  • The day we started dating, a huge snow storm rolled into Chattanooga, TN. We were snowed in on Lookout Mountain & went for a hike together. While we were looking out over the Chattanooga valley, Ryland leaned in & asked me to be his girlfriend! Best. Memory. Ever!

  • The following year, we were snowed in for a SOLID week with a group of friends who are now our BEST friends – maybe it was fate? This snowstorm brought us one of the most & memorable weeks of our lives. We actually wrote a whole blog post on that legendary week. You can read about it here!

  • And this year! Kerr was 10 days old when this snow storm rolled in. It was the PERFECT day – bundled up as a little family, we waded out into the cold to take pictures! I will never forget the deep feeling that all was right in the world. (You know the one?) The little white snowsuit I dressed Kerr in is way too big on him, but I could care less. He was here & we were showing him one of the most beautiful parts of creation!

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