Rainsford Sabbatical: A Time To Rest

It’s the hardest thing to do & yet one of the greatest joys of being human – REST! Particularly around the holidays we feel the tug of we need to finish this, yet – we know we should also rest”. What does this look like practically? Goodness. We ask others for accountability, we close our office door, & we even put our phones away. Setting our business down like this is terrifying & freeing simultaneously. It means a conscious decision to not work on growing our business. This upcoming season has only emphasized our joy & fear; but we know what we need to do. As we welcome a new family member into our home in the next few weeks, we are planning on intentionally taking time off to be fully present with our child. But don’t worry – we will be back!

Here is what January-March will look like for us:

1. New Office Hours: If you don’t hear from us right away, don’t worry – we will get back to you! Our new office hours starting in mid-January are: Tuesday/Thursdays from 9:00-12:00. 

2. Social Media: In a world that is obsessed with knowing everything & being connect every second of every day, we are going to practice putting our phones away & being fully present as a family. This means we will be posting only a few times a week to Instagram. Darn that mind-boggling algorithm! But we are trusting that the Lord is larger than Instagram, algorithms, & the number of followers we have. We trust that He will bless this time off from our regular postings to social media.

3. Training Our New Intern: Our office won’t shut down completely (Praise the Lord!) because we have hired & added on to our team! Melissa will be working on some large projects for us that take not only time, but lots of brain power. Probably not the stuff that we should be attempting while sleep is not regular & our house is in transition 🙂 Thanks to Melissa, we can stay on track with our 2018 goals & hopefully make great strides even while we are resting!

4. Our Yearly Rainsford Retreat: Even though we will not be working in our office each day, we will be taking a long weekend away as a family of 3 (4 if you count Scout & of course we do!). If you have followed our adventures for some time, you have read about our Rainsford Retreats. We will be doing the same thing this Spring to set our 2018 goals, rest as a family, & of course – have a bit of fun along the way!

Of course, we are eager to get back to what we love – but we also know we will regret not taking time off to cherish the sweet baby gift the Lord has so graciously given us. We are thankful for you, our friends & followers, who have supported us in every season! 

Love, The Rainsfords



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