Cheers to you, Monday Night Brewing!

Oh friends – how could we let this year slip by without a formal thank you? We photographed 16 weddings this year & 4 of them were at your AMAZING brewery! That means one quarter of our wedding photography was spent celebrating with you guys – does it really get any better? (Only if we were there more!) We loved our time with you this past year & wanted to dedicate a WHOLE blog post to you & the 4 couples who brought us back to celebrate in your wonderful space!

How we fell in LOVE with Monday Night Brewing (MNB)

It all started for us at MNB – our love for the small business & entrepreneurship. Almost 6 years ago, we were living & working in downtown Atlanta. Ryland was finishing his engineering degree at Georgia Tech & JP was in her first teaching job. Meanwhile, 3 men from our church were hosting Bible studies on Monday nights & brewing beer with their neighbors & community. Their beers became so popular that just a short time later, they opened their own brewery – Monday Night Brewing!

But they couldn’t do it on their own. They needed help getting their place started & asked for volunteers to work behind the bar. Little did we know that working together & watching MNB grow would be the start of our desire to run a business & chase our own dreams – we caught the entrepreneur bug! We loved that the 3 owners took the plunge, tried new things, were not afraid to make mistakes, & all the while – they continued to grow! It was behind the counter, as we served customers & began to form relationships with the “regulars”, that we knew we had a heart for serving & loving others through business. To make things even sweeter, we were doing it all together!

Why You Should Have Your Wedding At Monday Night Brewing:

Combine amazing beers on tap with an amazing atmosphere, a great vendor team (ahem – US!), & celebrating in Midtown Atlanta & you have yourself a wedding at Monday Night! Each wedding we have photographed at the brewery is unique & super fun. Even though we have photographed 4 weddings there this year, not one of them was the same. You can customize the tap room with your own decor, bring in food trucks, & clear a dance floor just about anywhere in the tap room. You can also create customized beer glasses JUST for your wedding day that doubles as a wedding souvenir for you & wedding favor for your guests! Do we have a glass from each wedding we have photographed? You better believe it! There is also plenty of space for: getting ready, a first look, & your ceremony. This means less hustle from venue to venue which allows for your guests to enjoy the brewery for your whole wedding!

Why You Should Hire Us To Photograph Your Wedding At Monday Night:

Now that we have fully educated you on WHY to hold your wedding at MNB, the only other piece you are missing is well, US! On your wedding day, you become one person & begin the first day of your new legacy together. We remember that feeling vividly as we lived & worked in Atlanta for our first year of marriage. Now THAT tasting room is a crucial part of our legacy! We learned SO much about marriage & loving each other in that space. Getting back into that space feels like getting back to our roots! It’s such a rush to celebrate your legacy in a place that is such a significant part of ours. Getting back there so often, we are super comfortable in the space, know how to set up quickly, & have lots of tricks for getting the very best shots that will serve you for a lifetime. Lastly, even though we live in Greenville, SC, we won’t charge you a travel fee when you book us for your wedding at MNB! Now that’s something to raise your glass to! Cheers! 🙂

In Conclusion:

Good beers, an amazing venue, & US (the Rainsfords) make the perfect combination for your wedding day! Cheers to Monday Night Brewing & all that they have taught us! We are SO thankful for this crew of entrepreneurs who chased their dreams & even MORE thankful for the bride & grooms who trusted us with their wedding day photography there. We hope to see you even more in 2018, Monday Night!

Love, The Rainsfords

Without further ado, here are some of our FAVORITE moments from our time at Monday Night Brewing This Year! 

1. Austin & Gabi

2. Patrick & Rachel:

3. Dan & Brittany:

4. Peter & Rachel: 




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