Jane & Shuler | Greenville, SC

There are few things better than taking photos of a beautiful couple on a crisp & clear autumn evening. But it is double sweet when it is with dear friends that you love & adore! For the second year in a row, we spent a perfect evening with Jane & Shuler & of course, their pup & horses!

A note from Jane: I could’t be more thrilled that we decided to hire Ryland and JP Rainsford to capture our family, as they exceeded our expectations in every way imaginable. RP’s work is top-notch, the real deal. RP’s shots are stunning yet natural, simple and yet capturing every detail. Additionally, Ryland and JP are JOYS to be around. RP is as gifted in art as they are with people, and ultimately, THAT is why we chose them to photograph our family 2 years in a row!

When Shuler and I saw the email that our pictures were ready to view, I squealed! We even put the pup away so she wouldn’t bother us and cuddled up together and flipped through them, savoring and commenting and laughing about each and every one. I hope you all know the joy that your God-given gift of art provides! We will cherish these photos for years and years and years to come. Just love you guys and your incredible talent!

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