How To Explore D.C. In 48 Hours

Goodness, gracious! Hello, there blog. It’s been a while! With all of our spring & now summer weddings, we are just getting back into a routine of a blogging schedule. Many adorable engagement & wedding blog posts coming soon!

Until then, we wanted to share a few photos of our time in Washington, D.C.! We visited over Memorial Day weekend after photographing Jonah & Gabby’s wedding (photos coming soon!). Our dear friends, Beth & Chris, live right downtown, so we had a front row seat to our Nation’s Capital for 48 hours. It’s been too long since we took a long weekend for ourselves & explored a new place – we had such a great time! We both are avid history buffs & especially after listening to the podcast, Presidential last summer, we were SO ready to take on this historic city! 

Ok, first. You can’t really do ALL of D.C. in 48 hours. But we do have some tips & suggestions if you have a few hours in the city to make your time worth it. There is so much to do & see in this marvelous place – it would take years to fully cover it all.

1. Map Out Your “Must-Sees”: This was HUGE for us. We had a few places on our list that we absolutely wanted to see. Other than that, everything was an added bonus. Once we knew the route we wanted to take to hit our top sites, everything else came together!

2. Do A Few Places Well: We were told by lots of people, “You will be so frustrated that you can’t see it all!”. Rather than trying to do EVERYTHING, we decided to do a few things well. Hence, our #1 above – pick a few “must-see” things & do them well. Spend as much time in these places as possible & chances are you won’t regret it!

3. Wear Comfy Clothes & Shoes: Need we say more? This part goes a long way when you walk 10+ miles around the city catching all of the great things to see. Along with good clothes, lots of water & a few protein snacks will do you well. There is GREAT street food lining all of the streets, so no need to pack a heavy lunch or dinner to carry around all day.

4. Put down your Camera/Phone: One thing that we worked really hard on all weekend was to be fully present with our friends & the places we were visiting. It’s important to document your trip – absolutely, but you also want to remember what it felt like when you rounded the corner & saw the Lincoln Memorial for the first time or when you read the inscription at the WW2 Monument for all of our veterans who have gone before us. All of that being said, we have very little photos from our full weekend in D.C. & we are OK with that! It’s refreshing to take it all in with our eyes instead & live in the moment. Also, you can hold hands with your someone special a bit better – enter in more lovey dovey time 🙂

Thanks so much to our gracious hosts, Chris & Beth, for an wonderful time! Until next time, D.C.!


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