Brush Family | December 2016

When we tell folks that we are photographers, they always ask us the same question, “What do you enjoy photographing?” For a long time we had a hard time coming up with an answer that didn’t feel cheesy!

Now that we have been in business for a few years, we can confidently say, “We love photographing adventurous couples! You know, the ones that love being outside, ask if they can bring their dogs with them, & want to explore a new place!” Really, these couples are just like us, if you think about it. We love being together & going for long walks with our dog, Scout, exploring the woods & finding adventure! 

Thank you, Kelsey & Thomas, for trusting us to capture your family this winter! Hiking around Paris mountain, hearing about your journey, & spending time with you guys was such a privilage. Thank you for bringing your sweet pups along! 

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