Black Balsam Knob | Lauren & Rob

The first time we met Lauren was at a Tuesday’s Together meeting through the Rising Tide Society! This group meets once a month in downtown Greenville, SC & is full of wonderful entrepreneurs from all over the city! The goal of The Rising Tide is to “cultivate a society of creative entrepreneurs who believe in community over competition & have a desire to lead with love”. We had only been to one meeting & we were so excited about meeting more Creatives like ourselves! The group that evening was so large, the leaders decided it would be best for us to “speed-date” one another. With a glass of wine in one hand & a notebook in the other, we found ourselves in a long line introducing & reintroducing ourselves every 5 minutes at the sound of a ringing bell! Since we both were there, we both “dated” Lauren – which is now really fun to look back on! 

When we left that evening, we both talked about how refreshing it was to meet so many different people! We kept in touch with Lauren via social media & just a few weeks later she contacted us with a brilliant idea that she had been dreaming of! Lauren mentioned that she & her husband had recently been hiking on Black Balsam Knob, just outside of Asheville, NC. She knew that it would be the perfect spot for a styled shoot & photo swap with another photographer!

A few weeks later, we packed up our gear, put on our pretty clothes & hopped in the car on a Saturday evening with Rob & Lauren. We loved our time getting to know them as a couple, hearing about their journey together, & more about Lauren’s photography business! As we hiked into Black Balsam Knob, we got a few strange looks from hikers who thought we were “very dressed up” to be out in the woods 🙂 There are too many beautiful spots on Black Balsam Knob to photograph in just one evening! We kept hopping from one place to the next saying “Oh here! No here!” MAN! It’s all so gorgeous! 

Rob & Lauren, thank you for inviting us on this wonderful photo adventure! Thank you for pursuing, encouraging, & loving us! It was an honor to capture you two in one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen! We love you two & we are so blessed to have you two as friends!

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