Greenville, SC Proposal at Trattoria Giorgio | Bradley & Covington

“I can’t wait to ask her to be my wife!” Weeks before Bradley proposed to Covington, he was hard at work planning one of the most beautiful proposals we have ever seen! “I want to take her to one of our favorite restaurants, Trattoria Giorgio in downtown Greenville. It’s also the place that I took her for our first date!”

Two weeks before, we met Bradley in downtown Greenville where he showed us the exact table where they would sit, where he would propose, & walked us through the after party plans. It was almost too much to take in! We waited patiently for the long awaited day & did our best to not blow this perfect secret! 

Fast forward to a few weeks later. We “happen” to be sitting in Trattoria Giorgio when Bradley & Covington walk in. “What are you doing here?” we asked trying to play it off as smoothly as we could. 

“This is our second anniversary of dating and we’re celebrating at one of our favorite places in town!” answered Covington. “I get the same thing each time! What are you two doing here?”

“Oh you know, we’re celebrating JP completing the first two weeks of teaching. We love any excuse to eat at one of our favorite restaurants in town too! Well, enjoy your dinner!”

Bradly & Covington took their seat at the window table overlooking Greenville’s Main Street. We waited patiently for Bradley to give us the secret queue as we ate our appetizer. Only a few minutes passed by & Bradley reached across the table for Covington’s hand. “Cov, I have loved spending these past few years with you & I am excited to have our own puppy soon & then start our own little ‘family’. With that, I have a question for you … You are going to need to take that ring off of your left hand.”

With that, Bradley was on one knee asking Covington to be his wife! The emotion was contagious, everyone in the restaurant rose to their feet & cheers filled the room! Strangers shouted, “Hooray!” & “Congratulations” as Bradley & Covington soaked in the moment. We hugged the happy couple & suddenly it all became clear to Covington. “I thought it was such a coincidence to see you here! It all makes sense now!” she said as she smiled at us. Bradley & Covington enjoyed a delicious meal while we payed for ours and excused ourselves. “Enjoy your evening!” we said as we left. 

Meanwhile, across the street at Nose Dive, family & friends waited eagerly. We walked over to meet everyone & filled them in on the proposal. “They should be here any minute!” we said. Back at the Giorgio’s, Bradley told Covington that he thought they should go enjoy a drink together at the pub across the street. She went along with it, not knowing that all of her family & close friends were eagerly awaiting her arrival. 

When the happy couple walked in, they were overwhelmed with cheers & shouts! There were tears of joy, hugs all around, & toasting to the newly engaged couple.

Bradley & Covington, it is with full hearts & sincere joy that we give our “Congratulations” to you both! We are honored to have had the privilege to capture your proposal & witness your love for one another first-hand. We can’t wait to walk down this road of engagement & marriage with you two as you start a new family & legacy together! 

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