A Stroll Through John Muir Woods | California Travels

As we walked off of the plane in San Francisco, the cool sea air washed over us! “We are here!” we both shouted! Once we grabbed our bags & we headed to the nearest lunch spot we could find to enjoy a bowl of clam chowder soup with a side of sour dough bread (one of our favorite San Francisco meals!). After our bellies were full, we hit the road & drove to our first California destination: The Muir Woods National Monument

Driving down Hwy 1, we were in awe of the beauty all around us: the deep blue sky & the thick redwood trees – it’s truly a beautiful sight!

We were greeted at the park by the famous “Muir Woods” rustic sign & excitement immediately rushed over us. Walking in, there was no way to prepare for the majesty of what we were about to witness. Tall coastal redwoods greeted us as they towered over their visitors. They seemed to whisper secrets from days long ago. Their red, orange trunks, were stout & strong. The redwoods stood vertically: towering, reaching, soaring, into the air. We were in awe. Visitors around us, reverent & quiet, whispered observations to one another, “Do you see those three trees clumped together? I wonder why their bark is so red? How old can these coastal redwoods get?” 

As we left the park, we knew we had been witnesses to something great: a grove set aside & preserved as a place to honor one the greatest naturalists in our history. This is also a place where anyone can come to enjoy a day in the woods – Thanks, John Muir! 

Oh, & just to make it even sweeter, just a short drive outside of John Muir Woods is Muir Beach – how could we resist? If you ever find yourself needing to kill a few hours in San Francisco, we highly suggest this sweet spot – the views were incredible! 

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