We wish you the best, Vests!

Goodbyes are the W.O.R.S.T! In fact, most of the time we say, “see you soon!” instead because it is easier than saying goodbye. But when you’re dear friends with another family & they move away, it’s best to spend a little quality time capturing what your friendship is all about!

When we spent the evening with the Vest & Fyock families in downtown Greenville, their love for one another was radiant! The parents laughed & told jokes to one another while the kids played. As each family took their turn getting their photos taken, the other family stood behind us making silly faces & trying their hardest to make the family in front of the cameras laugh. BEST. CLIENTS. EVER! We didn’t have to work to make this group laugh or smile because just being together was enough!

We are so sad to see the Vest family move – but it is with great joy that we send them off knowing that the Lord has & will abundantly provide for them! Thank you for letting us hang out with your families, capture great memories, & witness your friendship!

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