April 365 Review

 The Blue Ridge Parkway for April of the national parks calendar

Dear April, 

You were a very busy month – Here is a peek into what our April looked like:

1 Nova Scotia

Although delightfully different than sunny South Carolina, still conifer forests, rolling vineyards in the valley, and granite coastlines under wine blue skies are captivating in their own rite. We had the chance to kick off April in this unique landscape – on the peninsula of Nova Scotia!  

 walking girl on Nova Scotia coast 

We spent the week in the sleepy college town of Wolfville, on the western coast of the peninsula. A drive down main street will show you all there is to see in this small town: Acadia University at one end of Main St. and the Blomidon Inn on the other, with various book stores, coffee shops, the market, creperie, and theater in between. Just past the miniature skate park at the north end of Main St. you can wander about the numerous dikes confining the bay. A little further up Main St. and you’ll come to one of the many excellent family vineyards in the Annapolis valley. These are just a few of the delights we discovered in this small, unassuming town, and we can’t wait to go back! 

 Fishing cottage on the Nova Scotia coast of the Bay of Fundy

 Halls Harbor on the Nova Scotia coast of the Bay of Fundy

 Woman in greenhouse at Acadia University, Woflville, Nova Scotia

 Woman's hands in greenhouse at Acadia University, Nova Scotia

Following our week in Wolfville we spent the weekend in Halifax, on the eastern coast of the peninsula. Halifax has long been one of the most important eastern port cities of Canada and that legacy lives on today. Overlooking the city stands the massive Citadel, one of several military installations arrayed to protect the bay. But now the city is growing up around these historic sites, contrasting the old with the new. 

 Canadian flag from the Citadel overlooking Halifax, Nova Scotia

 Girl kisses man in the Citadel overlooking Halifax, Nova Scotia

We spent our last hours of daylight driving down the rainy coast to Peggy’s Cove – home to one of the many lighthouses dotting the rocky coastline. We had never really seen anything like that coastline. The relentless ocean pounding against the ancient granite is the collision of two powerful forces & the outcome is stunning!

 Nova Scotia coastline near Peggy's Cove

Nova Scotia coastline near Peggy’s Cove

 Granite coastline of Eastern Nova Scotia

 Man in rain on Nova Scotia coastline near Peggy's Cove

 Woman in rain on Nova Scotia coast near Peggy's Cove

 Granite coastline of Nova Scotia near Peggy's Cove

 Waves crashing on Eastern shore of Nova Scotia near Peggy's Cove

Above all, our favorite thing about Nova Scotia is the culture. We could have guessed that spending a majority of the year in dark, cold, and/or wet would affect a culture, but not how. Nova Scotians are amazingly content, earnest, and sincere people who value things that are simple, restful, and beautiful. They love gardens, bright homes, and art. 

 Woman skips along coast of Nova Scotia near Peggy's Cove

But what would a trip be without a few mishaps?  Of course the car wouldn’t start when we got back to the airport. And the adventure continues!

 Man replaces dead battery in broken down car

2 Sidewall Pizza Co. is Open! 

We could hardly believe the news when we first heard it – our favorite pizza place is finally open in downtown Greenville! And the best part about it – we can walk to Sidewall’s new location from our home – does it really get any sweeter than that? 

We were hooked onto this beautiful pizza diner when we visited their first location in Traveler’s Rest. About a 20 minute drive from downtown Greenville, this sweet little town has our hearts. We love escaping the buzz of downtown & spending the day wandering around Traveler’s Rest, peeking into their boutiques, grabbing a beer at the Swamp Rabbit Brewery, and then heading to dinner at Sidewall Pizza Co. The finale of the evening ends when you order their homemade ice cream! Made fresh everyday, their unique flavors including Coffee Mascarpone, Strawberry Basil, and S’Mores, do not disappoint!  

We were honored to win a free pizza & tickets to the Greenville Drive game in April during one of their soft openings. We leashed up Scout, grabbed our sunglasses, and walked over to enjoy the evening on Sidewall’s patio. We shared conversations with friends whom we bumped into, met the folks sitting around us & heard their stories, & let Scout play with kids as we ate our pizza.

Sidewall has a beautiful & unique atmosphere. Pull up a stool to sit at their outdoor bar or make new friends by sharing a picnic table on their covered patio. With wonderful music & great beers on tap, you will love your evening at SideWall. Check out their new location on Cleveland Street & don’t forget to order a scoop of ice cream for dessert! 

 The soft opening of Sidewall Pizza Co. in Greenville, South Carolina

 Couple eats dinner at Sidewall Pizza Co., Greenville, South Carolina

3 Trip to Chattanooga 

Chattanooga, TN – it has our hearts. It’s the city where we met, were married, and it is full of some our dearest friends & family. Going back always brings a flood of memories to mind, “Remember when we danced on the walking bridge together? Remember when we had a picnic in the St. Elmo gazebo? Remember when we would hike for hours in the Lula Lake Land Trust?” This sweet city continues to amaze us with its vibrant downtown, outdoorsy culture & amazing mountain trails. Not to mention our community of friends & family that always greet us with big hugs & warm smiles. 

When we went to Chattanooga in early April, we had the pleasure of spending a Saturday with the Anderson family documenting their new lives as a fresh family of four. More to come of this sweet session in our next blog post! 

 Tennessee riverfront from Walnut Street bridge in Chattanooga, Tennessee

 Man climbs wall at The Block in Chattanooga, Tennessee

 Newborn baby photo session in Chattanooga, Tennessee

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