McKee Family – Home Portrait

Our absolutely favorite part of being photographers? Spending a morning in a family’s home – hearing their stories, watching their children play, & seeing them live life together. We loved our morning with the McKee family! When we knocked on their front door, the girls greeted us with huge smiles on their faces. 

“Come in! We have been waiting for you!” 

We were welcomed with hugs & giggles as we put down our equipment. Breakfast was being made as Andrea & Adam finished cooking eggs & muffins. The children couldn’t wait to show us how they set the table, washed & cut the fruit, & helped their parents. 

“Saturdays are our lazy days. We slowly roll out of bed & eat breakfast together!” Andrea said with a smile on her face. “Welcome to our Saturday!”

As we finished up breakfast, we wandered into the living room. Lily, their 10 month old spaniel, grabbed her toys. The McKee family piled onto the floor & all at once were playing with Lily & each other. Andrea tickled Jack in “his” chair while the girls and Adam played with Lily on the floor. 

“We really love time together as a family. The kids love playing together & their favorite game is chase!” 

The joy was contagious. Before too long, everyone was on the couch, fully enthralled in a tickle fight! Thank you, McKee’s for letting us spend the morning with y’all! It was a joy to be with your family. It was so special to get a glimpse of your family’s love for one another & capture you in your home!  

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