Welcome, Sage Stern!

It was a beautiful spring afternoon in Chattanooga, Tennessee when we met up with the Stern family for newborn photos. Sage Alleia Stern, who was just 7 weeks old, sat contently in her parent’s laps as we talked to Chris & Jordan about the joys of becoming parents. 

“I love being a mom to Sage! I talk to her about everything and anything. I love that I have a new friend in my daughter. My prayer for Sage is that as she grows up, she would become a woman rich in wisdom, who loves the Lord earnestly, and finds her sole comfort in being a child of the King!” 

Chris beamed back at Jordan as she spoke. 

“She’s a great mom! I’ve loved watching Jordan care for our daughter. I have also taken great joy in the richness of community & friendships that Sage has been born into. I have re-appreciated the friends the Lord has blessed Jordan & I with as I’ve seen their love which has so extraordinarily enveloped Sage.” 

Watching dear friends become has been one of our greatest joys. Thank you, Sterns, for a great afternoon – We are absolutely in love with Sage & are very honored to have captured her as a newborn! 

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